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The information on this website does not and is not intended to constitute or form part of an offer, subscription recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any financial product or to take up any services. The Mariana website does not offer investment or financial advice and should not be treated as doing so. If you are advising an investor or facilitating their investment (on an execution only basis, for example) in relation to a product referred to on the Mariana website you should satisfy yourself about the terms of the investment by reference to the full product documentation together with any ancillary materials which Mariana may provide and you should be familiar with the Key Features & Risks set out below for 1) Structured Investment products and 2) Tax Efficient Investment Products. Mariana is unable to provide any guidance as to whether a product is suitable for the individual circumstances of a client or appropriate for their attitude to risk.

Mariana does not offer Advice

The information contained on the Mariana website is for general information use only. It does not offer investment or financial advice and any information contained on this website should not be construed as investment, legal, tax or any other form of advice. If in any doubt about information on this website you should contact your account manager or email

Past performance

Past performance is not an indication of future performance and should not be used to assess the future returns or the risk associated with your investment. It is possible to get back less than you originally invested in any of the investment products referred to herein.

Importance of Financial Advice

Investors considering an investment in a Mariana product must read and understand the full product brochure. It is important that the risks and potential rewards of a product are clearly explained to an investor by their adviser. You should note that Mariana insists that all applications to invest in Mariana product are placed through a regulated financial adviser.

Structured Investment Products: Key Features/Risks

Capital at Risk

Direct investment into a market brings with it the risks of that market since an investment’s value is likely to rise or fall in proportion to the movement of the market. Structured investment products are different in that they can change the risk and/or the return that an investment in a market may provide. Structured investment products achieve this by incorporating derivatives, named so because their performance is derived from the performance of the chosen underlying market, rather than investing directly into the market itself. Many structured investment products are not fully capital secure. They are described as ‘capital-at-risk’ and they offer enhanced income or growth but to achieve this put conditions on how or whether your capital will be repaid when the investment matures.

Counterparty Risk

Even when a structured investment product offers the full return of your capital, the return of capital is likely to be subject to counterparty risk. This is the risk that the issuer (the counterparty) of the investments underlying a product becomes insolvent or bankrupt. However remote this risk may appear, it always exists. To reduce it, we suggest that structured investment products are used only as part of a broader portfolio and that investors diversify their structured investment products across a range of counterparties. For more information about structured products and capital-at-risk products you can visit

Early encashment

Structured investments products are designed to be held until maturity and early encashment may result in a capital loss for a significant period of the investment term, particularly as there may be charges that adversely impact the value in the early years. There may also be liquidity constraints with structured investments before the stated maturity date. Details of these are outlined in our brochures.


Prospective investors should understand that Plan assets (i.e. the underlying investments) will be held on their behalf by the administrator and custodian but they will not have any direct legal interest in the investments or any direct rights against the issuing counterparty in the event that the counterparty becomes bankrupt or enters into an insolvency process and cannot pay its debts. Prospective investors should also be aware that under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) rules whilst they may be eligible for compensation in the case of the insolvency of Mariana or the administrator and custodian, they are unlikely to be eligible for compensation if the counterparty becomes insolvent.

Tax Efficient Investment Products: Key Features/Risks

Capital at Risk

Tax Efficient Investment Products typically invest in the shares of small higher risk unlisted companies. The valuation of these shares depends on the value of the assets acquired by the companies plus any income that is derived from those assets. This is not guaranteed and you may lose money. The value of shares can fall in value as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

Concentration Risk

The nature of the Tax Efficient Investment Product is to invest in a small number of unquoted companies and furthermore there is likely to be significant sector bias. Portfolio diversification will, therefore, be limited.

Liquidity Risk

Redeeming your investment may take time. Investments in unquoted companies can be difficult to sell, especially when compared with quoted companies where there is normally a liquid exchange for buyers and sellers. Mariana aims to provide funding to support on-going liquidity. However, these arrangements are not guaranteed

Forward looking statements

Brochures dealing with Tax Efficient Investment products may contain forward-looking financial statements and illustrations. Such forward-looking financial statements and illustrations, by their nature, are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and the actual results may differ materially as a result of various factors, and therefore reliance should not be placed upon them.

Legal and regulatory

There may be changes in the future to the legal framework and regulatory status surrounding the strategy of the Tax Efficient Investment Products and its investee companies and their assets. An example may include the reduction or removal altogether of UK government renewable energy subsidies and incentives like the RHI, ROC and FiT schemes, which may negatively affect the performance of Mariana Tax Efficient Investment Products.

Long term investment

In order to qualify for tax relief in relation to certain tax efficient strategies, investors may need to keep money in the relevant Tax Efficient Investment Product for at least a minimum qualifying period, and investors may need to continue holding the investments in some cases until their death to benefit from, for example, IHT relief.

Tax changes

Tax rates, benefits, allowances are based on the current levels, legislation and HMRC practice. More importantly they can vary significantly from person to person, and tax legislation is subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

The Website

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