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For more information or to re-invest maturing proceeds into a new Plan, please contact your financial adviser.

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Plan Name Counterparty ISIN Start Date Maturity Date Price Date Price
Triple Index Step Down Kick Out Plan - February 2022
Citigroup (CGMFL Issuer) XS2420211349 25/02/2022 12/03/2029 03/10/2023 96.25
FTSE 100 Step Down Kick Out Plan - April 2022
Goldman Sachs XS2423183404 19/04/2022 03/05/2029 03/10/2023 99.49
FTSE 100 Defensive Kick Out Plan - April 2022
Goldman Sachs XS2423234678 22/04/2022 07/05/2029 03/10/2023 101.59
FTSE100 EWFD Income Kick Out - April 2022
Citigroup (CGMFL Issuer) XS2430398433 08/04/2022 22/04/2032 03/10/2023 84.18
FTSE100 EWFD Income Kick Out - April 2022 Tranche 2
Citigroup (CGMFL Issuer) XS2439269635 29/04/2022 13/05/2032 03/10/2023 86.66
Triple Index Defensive Kick Out Plan - April 2022
Citigroup (CGMFL Issuer) XS2439278545 19/04/2022 03/05/2029 03/10/2023 98.56
FTSE 100 Daily Kick Out Plan - November 2022
BNP Paribas XS2440516859 25/11/2022 10/12/2029 03/10/2023 103.91
Dual Index Kick Out Plan - April 2022
Citigroup (CGMFL Issuer) XS2448571088 19/04/2022 03/05/2029 03/10/2023 103.09
Goldman Sachs FTSE 100 Defensive Kick Out - June 2022
Goldman Sachs XS2456911739 17/06/2022 02/07/2029 03/10/2023 103.85
Dual Index Defensive Kick Out Plan - February 2023
BNP Paribas XS2458010175 28/02/2023 14/03/2029 03/10/2023 97.71



The following pages refer to Mariana investment products. It is important that you read and understand the risk statements below before you proceed.

Mariana’s investment products may provide both individual and institutional investors with flexible and innovative investment solutions offering varying levels of risk, asset exposure, capital protection and tax exposure.

It is important, however, that you understand the risks attached to your investments. The key risk factors are summarised below, but please remember that these are general risks and the risks that are relevant to individual products are set out in the brochure for that product.

Mariana does not provide investment advice in relation to investment products and we strongly recommend that you discuss any proposed investment with your financial adviser before you invest.

Investment in a Mariana product should form part only of your investment portfolio. You should also maintain savings you can access at short notice in case of emergency to meet any short term cash needs that may arise during the term of your investment.

Investment Risk – This is the risk arising from the market(s) or asset(s) into which your investment is made or to which the performance of your investment is linked. Their value might decrease, which could cause you to lose money or, if they increase, the amount of the increase may be greater than the return you get from your investment in a Mariana product.

Counterparty Risk – This is the risk that the financial institution by whom your investment is backed gets into financial difficulties and does not, or cannot, pay the amounts due in relation to your investment. This could cause you to lose some or all of your money and any investment returns that would have otherwise been payable.

Term Risk – This is the risk that an investor’s circumstances could change, forcing the early encashment of an investment. Such early encashment will be subject to a fee and the amount repaid is likely to be less than the initial capital invested. An investor should be aware that they may not be able to access the value of their investment immediately.

Inflation Risk – This is the risk that inflation may reduce the real value of your investment over time.

Tax Risk – The values of any tax reliefs generated by your investment will depend on your individual circumstances. You should note that the levels and bases of taxation and reliefs available may change in the future and changes may be applied retrospectively.

ISA Transfer Risk – if you wish to transfer an existing ISA, it must be done in cash. This means that your existing ISA manager will sell your investment and you are likely to be charged an exit fee. There is then the possibility of a loss of income or growth if markets should rise while your transfer is being processed.

Cancellation Risk – This is the risk that if you decide to cancel the investment after it has been purchased you are likely to lose some of your money.

It is important that you read all the related Mariana product literature carefully and in full so that you understand how the product works and can decide whether or not you are prepared to accept the risks and the possible consequences of investing in a particular product, before proceeding with your investment.

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